Monday, May 25, 2009

New York May Open

On Saturday and Sunday, I played in the FIDE rated New York May Open at the Marshall Chess Club where I drew all four of my contests. These are my games as White.

Round Two: French Defense, Exchange Variation

Jim West (FIDE 2180) - Yuan Xu (FIDE 2155), Marshall Chess Club 5/23/2009

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Nf3 Bd6 5.Bd3 Nf6 6.O-O O-O 7.Bg5 h6 8.Bh4 Be6 9.Nc3 c6 10.Re1 Nbd7 11.Ne5 Qc7

12.Bg3 Rfe8 13.Kh1 Rad8 14.f4 Nf8 15.Bh4 Be7 16.Qf3 N6h7 17.Bg3 f5 18.h3 Nf6 19.Bh4 Ne4 20.Bxe7 Qxe7, draw.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Round Four: Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation

Jim West (FIDE 2180) - Alex Ostrovskiy (FIDE 2061), Marshall Chess Club 5/24/2009

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.O-O Qd6 6.a4 Be6 7.Na3 O-O-O 8.Ng5 f6 9.Nxe6 Qxe6 10.Qe2 g5 11.Nc4 h5 12.d3 g4 13.f4 Bc5+ 14.Be3 Bxe3+ 15.Qxe3 exf4 16.Qxf4 Rf8

17.Qf5 Qxf5 18.Rxf5 Ne7 19.Rf2 Kd7 20.Raf1 Ke6 21.Ne3 Ng6 22.d4 Ne7 23.g3 Rh6 24.Nf5 Nxf5 25.Rxf5 Rg8 26.c4 Rg7 27.d5+ cxd5 28.cxd5+ Ke7 29.Rc1 Kd6 30.Kf2 Rgg6 31.Ke3 h4 32.Kd4 hxg3 33.hxg3 Kd7

34.Rcf1 Ke7 35.Rc1 Kd7 36.Rf2 Rg7 37.b4 Kd8 38.a5 Kd7 39.Rfc2 Kd8 40.Ke3 Rh3 41.Kf4 Rh5 42.Rc5 Rh2 43.R1c2 Rh1 44.Rc1 Rh2 45.R5c2 Rh5 46.Rb1 Kc8 47.b5 axb5 48.Rxb5 Rh1 49.Rbb2 Re1 50.Re2 Rf1+ 51.Rf2 Re1 52.Rbe2 Ra1 53.Ra2 Re1

54.a6 bxa6 55.Rxa6 Re7 56.Re6 Rxe6 57.dxe6 Kd8 58.Kf5 Ke7 59.Rf4 Ra1 60.Rxg4 Ra5+ 61.Kf4 Kxe6 62.Rg8 Rc5 63.Re8+ Kf7 64.Rc8 Ke6 65.g4 Kd7 66.Rh8 Ke6 67.Rh7 Rc1 68.Rh5, draw.