Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pix from DOCA TransNet

These pictures were taken by me during the first weekend of the DOCA TransNet FIDE Invitational.

While the first round of the DOCA TransNet FIDE Invitational was in progress, the final round of the New Jersey Futurity International was taking place. NM Arthur Feuerstein stands watching NM David Grasso's game. In the background, GM Joel Benjamin plays against FM Evan Ju.

Here are the standings after the first round.

Tim Hall is Black versus IM Dean Ippolito.

Rahul Swaminathan defends against NM Arthur Feuerstein.

Mike Somers has the white pieces, as Atlantic Chess News editor Steve Ferrero essays the Latvian Gambit.

Tournament director Aaron Kiedes updates the results on the laptop computer.

These are the standings following round three.

NM David Grasso plays Black against Christopher Wu.