Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pix from NY Summer Game/45

During yesterday's game/45 Swiss at the Marshall Chess Club, I took these pictures.

Before the tournament, chess teacher Tag Taghian gives a lesson to one of his students.

NM Raven Sturt plays speed chess, while Eigen Wang stands watching.

FM Boris Privman reads the newspaper.

FM Ilye Figler chats with Privman.

Here is play from round three.

This photo shows more games from the third round.

In round three, IM Jay Bonin is held to a draw by Eigen Wang.

Between rounds, a chess player and his father eat lunch in the rear courtyard.

Chess blogger John MacArthur is shown here before he defeated me in round four.

FM Ilye Figler and NM Raven Sturt prepare for their fifth round encounter, won by Figler who tied for first place at 4 points with Luis Sanz Arilla sitting to the right of Sturt.