Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pix from NJ Futurity Qualifier at DOCA

Only four players showed up on Friday night to play in the 2010 NJ Futurity International Qualifier tournament, at the Dean of Chess Academy. They were FM Steve Stoyko, FM Arthur Shen, NM Deepak Aaron, and candidate master Anna Matlin.

On Saturday morning, I drove to DOCA, hoping to enter the event with a half-point bye in round one. Unfortunately, no sixth player appeared by 11am, and I could not participate. The tournament was shortened from five rounds to three, in effect a quad.

I drove from Branchburg to New York City where I played in the NY June Action tournament, taking a half-point bye in round one because I hit tunnel traffic and arrived late. Before I left DOCA, I snapped these pictures.

This is the new Dean of Chess Academy.

The two FIDE masters, Shen and Stoyko, won their first round games. Here they square off in round two.

Anna Matlin and Deepak Aaron begin their second round game.