Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Photos from DOCA FIDE Invitational

These pictures were taken by me during the final weekend of the 2nd Annual FIDE Invitational at the Dean of Chess Academy.

Here is the update from the Dean of Chess website.

The 2nd Annual Dean of Chess Academy FIDE Invitational Final Finishers

The second annual Dean of Chess Academy FIDE Invitational was held from August 13-22nd. The idea is to give several types of often overlooked players the opportunity to achieve a FIDE rating. Academy members, long-time experts and masters, and up-and-coming nationally ranked scholastic players are the three groups meant to have this opportunity.

This year there were 3 FIDE hopefuls. All of them were successful in obtaining a FIDE rating. IM Dean Ippolito won the event with a 9/9 score. For the second year in a row National Master David Grasso finished second, this year with 5.5/9. Life Master James West and Rahul Swaminathan finished tied for third with 5/9 points. All of the games can be found at deanofchess.com.

We would like to thank Aaron Kiedes who directed the event. More such events are planned as the second Dean of Chess Academy is opening next month in Flemington, NJ. Between both centers, more than 50 events will be run on a monthly basis in the 5,000+ square feet available. We are looking forward to attracting all types of players, and are holding Grand Prix events every week.

Here are the final standings:

1st-IM Dean Ippolito 9.0

2nd-NM David Grasso 5.5

3rd-4th- LM James West, Rahul Swaminathan 5.0

5th-Andrew Walker 4.5

6th-8th- FM Stephen Stoyko, Steve Ferrero, Daniel Zhu 4.0

9th-10th- Kevin Chen, Matthew O’Brien 2.0