Monday, October 10, 2011

Marshall Chess Club Swiss 10/9/2011

In Sunday's game/60 Swiss tournament at the Marshall Chess Club, I finished with a score of 2-0-2.

Round One: Sicilian Defense, Najdorf Variation

Jim West (USCF 2208) - Hubert Herring (USCF 1730), Marshall Chess Club 10/9/2011

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bc4 Nc6 7.Be3 Bd7 8.Bb3 b5 9.O-O e6 10.a3 Be7 11.f4 O-O 12.Qf3 Qc7 13.f5 Nxd4 14.Bxd4 e5 15.Bf2 Bc6 16.g4 Qb7 17.Rae1 Nd7

18.Bd5 Nb6 19.Bxb6 Qxb6+ 20.Kh1 Bg5 21.Re2 a5 22.Bxc6 Qxc6 23.Nd5 Rae8 24.c3 Bd8 25.Qe3 Qc5 26.b4 Qxe3 27.Rxe3 axb4 28.axb4 Bg5 29.Ree1 Rc8 30.Re2 Rfe8 31.Ra1 Ra8 32.Rea2 Rac8 33.Kg2 Kf8 34.Kf3 Rc6 35.Ra6 Rxa6 36.Rxa6 Be7

37.Rb6 Rc8 38.Rxb5 Bg5 39.Ke2 Ke8 40.Kd3 Bd8 41.Rb7 h6 42.Ra7 Rb8 43.c4 Kf8 44.b5 f6 45.h4 Kg8 46.h5 Kf8 47.Ra6 Be7 48.Kc3 Ke8 49.Kb4 Kd7, Black resigns.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Round Two: Philidor Counter Gambit

Kadhir Pillai (USCF 2042) - Jim West (USCF 2208), Marshall Chess Club 10/9/2011

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 f5 4.Nc3 fxe4 5.Nxe4 d5 6.Nxe5 dxe4 7.Qh5+ g6 8.Nxg6 Nf6 9.Qe5+ Kf7 10.Bc4+ Kg7 11.Bh6+ Kxh6 12.Nxh8 Bb4+ 13.c3 Qxh8 14.h4 Kg7 15.Qxc7+ Bd7 16.cxb4 Qf8 17.a3 Kh8 18.Qc5 Nc6

19.Qxf8+ Rxf8 20.Rd1 Bg4 21.Rd2 Rd8 22.d5 Ne5 23.b3 Rc8 24.Rd4 b5 25.Be2 Rc1+ 26.Rd1 Rxd1+ 27.Bxd1 Nd3+ 28.Kd2 Nxf2 29.Rf1 e3+ 30.Kxe3 Nxd1+ 31.Kd4 Nxd5 32.Rf8+ Kg7 33.Ra8 N5e3 34.Rxa7+ Kg6 35.g3 Nf5+ 36.Ke5 h5 37.Ra6+ Kg7 38.Ra7+ Kg6 39.Ra6+ Kg7 40.Ra7+, draw.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Round Three: French Defense, Exchange Variation

Jim West (USCF 2208) - Alexander Fabbri (USCF 2059), Marshall Chess Club 10/9/2011

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Bd3 Bd6 6.O-O O-O 7.Nc3 h6 8.Re1 c6 9.h3 Nh5 10.Ne5 Qh4 11.Qf3 Nd7 12.g3 Nxg3 13.Qxg3 Qxd4 14.Bf4 Nxe5 15.Bxe5 Bxe5 16.Qxe5 Qxe5 17.Rxe5 Bxh3 18.Rae1 Bd7

19.Re7 Rfe8 20.Rxe8+ Rxe8 21.Rxe8+ Bxe8 22.a4 Bd7 23.b4 f5 24.a5 a6 25.Na4 Kf7 26.Nc5 Bc8 27.f4 Kf6 28.Kf2 g5 29.Kg3 h5 30.c3 h4+ 31.Kf3 g4+ 32.Kg2 Ke7 33.Nb3 Ke6 34.Nd4+ Kf6, draw.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Round Four: Philidor Counter Gambit

Wesley Hellner (USCF 1919) - Jim West (USCF 2208), Marshall Chess Club 10/9/2011

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 f5 4.exf5 e4 5.Nfd2 Bxf5 6.Nb3 d5 7.Be3 Nf6 8.h3 h6 9.c4 Bb4+ 10.Nc3 O-O 11.a3 Bxc3+ 12.bxc3 c6 13.Be2 Nbd7 14.c5 b6 15.Qd2 bxc5 16.dxc5 Ne5 17.Nd4 Bd7 18.O-O Qe8

19.Bf4 Nh5 20.Bxe5 Qxe5 21.Bxh5 Qxh5 22.f4 exf3 23.Nxf3 Bxh3 24.Nd4 Bd7 25.Qe3 Qg5 26.Qxg5 hxg5 27.Rxf8+ Kxf8 28.Rb1 Ke7 29.Rb7 Kd8 30.Rb2 Rc8 31.Re2 Rb8 32.Kh2 Rb1 33.Re5 Ra1 34.Rxg5 Rxa3 35.Rxg7 Rxc3 36.Rg8+ Ke7 37.Rg7+ Ke8 38.Rg8+ Kf7 39.Ra8 Rxc5 40.Rxa7 Ke8

41.Ra8+ Ke7 42.Rh8 Rc4 43.Rh7+ Kd6 44.Rh6+ Kc7 45.Nf3 Re4 46.Rh7 d4 47.Kg3 c5 48.Nd2 Re3+ 49.Kf2 Rc3 50.Ne4 Rc2+ 51.Ke1 Kc6 52.Rh6+ Kb5 53.Nd6+ Kb4 54.Rh7 Bc6 55.g4 d3 56.Rh3 Re2+, White resigns.