Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Chess is Fun" Series by Jon Edwards

The 10th U.S. correspondence chess champion Jon Edwards has authored a series of 20 "Chess is Fun" e-books, all available for the Kindle and the Nook, at just $2.99 or less. The e-books are advertised as "a better, less expensive way to learn" with "solid instruction, critical lines, fresh ideas, annotations move by move, complete games. The plentiful use of diagrams make these among the first chess books that you can read without a board to help."

"How to Read a Chess Book" (just 99 cents)
"Five Steps to Victory"
"King and Pawn Endings"
"The Bishop's Opening"
"The French Winawer"
"The Caro-Kann: Bronstein-Larsen"
"The Sicilian Pelikan"
"Cartier's Chess Challenge #1"
"Caro-Kann Classical"
"Pawn Masses"
"Introductions to Chess Strategy"
"Basic Checkmates"
"The Fried Liver Attack"
"The Two Knights' Defense"
"The French Classical" [pictured above, Kindle edition]
"The Sicilian Dragon"
"Irregular Openings"
"Cartier's Chess Challenge #2"
"The French MacCutcheon"
"Anastasia's Checkmate"