Sunday, January 8, 2012

Paperback Edition of "Endgame"

Yesterday at the Marshall Chess Club, I received an autographed paperback copy of Frank Brady's Endgame [2012, Broadway Paperbacks, 411 pages] "with an Afterword containing newly discovered details about Fischer's life."

In the five page Afterword, Frank Brady explains that "at book signings, lectures, and tournaments, various individuals have approached me with stories concerning Fischer" and that "some of this new information has been incorporated into the body of this edition."

Brady corrects a mistake about a famous artist at the Cedar Tavern in Greenwich Village where the author and Fischer were dining. It turns out that Brady had his abstract expressionists mixed up!

The nature of Fischer's relationship with Zita Rajcsanyi is described in further detail, ending with what Brady represents as "perhaps the most poignant and self-aware comment Bobby ever made."

You might be surprised to learn that "Endgame is being published in Dutch, German, Italian, and Japanese" and that "special editions have been issued in England and Australia."

The price of the paperback edition is $16 in the United States and $18 in Canada.