Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IM in Residence Jay Bonin at Marshall CC

The Marshall Chess Club presents its new international master in residence Jay Bonin.

International master Jay Bonin is one of the great legends of American chess. Having played and won literally several hundred games a year for decades, he is a permanent fixture in the New York chess scene and the most active player of any level in the country.

Beginning March 1st, all Marshall Chess Club members will be able to profit from Jay's unmatched experience and top level skills as he is available to analyze games every Thursday from 4pm to 7pm. Whether you are looking to perfect your opening or trying to find the best strategic plan in the middle game, just bring the score of your recent tournament or casual game and Jay will analyze it with you.

We offer this service free of charge to Marshall Chess Club members. Non-members are welcome to attend for a $10 charge.

Every Thursday from 4pm to 7pm, beginning March 1, 2012.

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