Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hamilton Quads Canceled

July 21, CANCELED Hamilton Chess Club Quads 3RR, 40/80 15/30. Full K. Ray Dwier Recreation Center, Bldg. 392, Groveville, NJ 08620. Quads open to all. EF: $10. Prizes: $25 per Quad. Reg.: 9-10:30/am. Rds.: 10:30/am-1:30/pm-4:30/pm. NJ State Chess Federation, no dues magazine Subscription per year, OSA. NS, NC, W.

The Hamilton quads have been canceled for July, August, and September.

Starting Wednesday, August 1st, the Hamilton Chess Club will be meeting in a new location: the McManimon Building at 320 Scully Avenue in Hamilton, NJ.