Friday, August 17, 2012

August Game/90, Round 3

Make plans for tomorrow's grand prix event at Chess Mates!

Aug. 18 Luzviminda Machan 3 Open GPP: 10 Enhanced 4-SS, G/45. Once a month. EF: $40, members $30, GMs free ($25 deducted from prize). $$G200-150-100-50. Prizes to U2200, U1800, U1400, and U1000 (Trophies). Reg.: 1pm-1:30pm. Rds.: 1:30pm, 3:15pm, 5pm, 6:45pm. One bye available, commit at least 15min prior the game. 1531 Irving St., Rahway, NJ 07065. (732)499-0118/(760)583-8429. NOTE: Chess Mates Summer Camps (June 25-September 7). Please visit for details.

On Wednesday evening in Rahway, I drew this game in the game/90 tournament.

Round Three: Dutch Defense

Art Macaspac (USCF 2119) - Jim West (USCF 2202), Rahway NJ 8/15/2012

1.Nf3 f5 2.d4 e6 3.Bg5 Nf6 4.Nbd2 Be7 5.Bxf6 Bxf6 6.e4 fxe4 7.Nxe4 Qe7 8.Be2 b6 9.Nxf6+ Qxf6 10.Qd2 Bb7 11.O-O-O O-O 12.h4 Qf4 13.h5 Qxd2+ 14.Kxd2 Nc6

15.c3 Rf6 16.Rh3 Raf8 17.Rdh1 h6 18.Rg3 Nb8 19.Ke3 d6 20.Bd3 Nd7 21.Rh4 Re8 22.Rhg4 Re7 23.Rg6 Rxg6 24.Bxg6 e5 25.Kd2 Bxf3 26.Rxf3 exd4 27.cxd4 Nf6 28.b4 Ne4+ 29.Kd1 c5 30.dxc5 dxc5 31.bxc5 Nxc5

32.Kd2 Ne4+ 33.Kc2 Nf6 34.Rc3 Ne8 35.Rc8 Rc7+, draw.