Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Columbia Academy @

At the website, Columbia Academy has a profile where I am listed as the chess instructor.

For nine weeks starting May 25th, I will be giving Internet lessons every Saturday morning from 9am to 10am.  The course is designed for intermediate and advanced players.

Introductory class title: Piece Values 
Syllabus: I will show the value of each piece at the beginning of the game and how to increase the value of your pieces while decreasing the value of your opponent's pieces. 

First class title: Rules for the Opening
Syllabus: I will teach the three rules of the opening: move your pieces toward the center, castle your king to safety, and move each piece only once. 

Second class title: Tactics 
Syllabus: Tactics will be demonstrated; e.g., pins, forks, skewers, double attacks, and discovered checks. 

Third class title: Middlegame Strategies
Syllabus: Different middlegame strategies will be discussed, such as passed pawns, minority attacks, and blockades. 

Fourth class title: Endgame Technique 
Syllabus: Basic endgame technique will be demonstrated.

Fifth class title: Five Considerations to Concentrate On 
Syllabus: I will explain the five considerations that a chess master concentrates on: center, tempos, material, initiative, and coordination. 

Sixth class title: The King's Indian for White and Black 
Syllabus: The King's Indian Attack and King's Indian Defense will be analyzed, as a flexible system for both White and Black. 

Seventh class title: Famous Chess Games 
Syllabus: We will look at famous chess games from the past. 

Eighth class title: Art, Science, or Sport? 
Syllabus: Is chess an art, science, or sport?