Thursday, September 19, 2013

Steve Ferrero 1962-2013

On Tuesday, Atlantic Chess News editor Steve Ferrero [pictured, at the USATE 2013] passed away suddenly from an apparent heart attack, the same medical condition that took the life of Steve's father at an early age.

Steve was not just my editor and teammate, he was my friend. When Bobby Fischer died, it was Steve who called me on the phone to break the news to me.

In addition, Steve was an expert chess player.  At the USATE 2008, Steve scored a perfect 6 points on board four, defeating a Woman International Master along the way.

His favorite defense was the Latvian Gambit.  I would always kid Steve that the Latvian Gambit is less playable than the Philidor Counter Gambit.  But, in at least one game, Steve had the last word.