Wednesday, November 19, 2014

41 Attend NJ All-Girls Chess Camp

Dear Jim,

Thank you for helping post the message and the flyer on your blog. The NJ All-Girls Chess Camp was a great success, with 41 girls from 9 counties in New Jersey.

Maryia Oreshko, Angelica Chin, and I were happy to meet these wonderful girls and introduce them to the wonderland of chess. Together, we had lots of fun in two days. Thanks to the help of the NJSCF, every girl took home a chess set so she can continue playing chess at home.

You can find more information and photos at:

There is also an article on the USCF website that nicely covers the camp:

I am planning one or more small follow-up activities for the more than 60 girls on the waiting list, and the camp for next year.  Then I will need your help again.

Thank you again!

Alice Dong