Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review: "The Inner Game of Chess"

Grandmaster Andy Soltis has revised The Inner Game of Chess [Mongoose Press, 2014, 324 pages], originally published 20 years earlier.

New games Kamsky-Mamedyarov, World Cup 2013; Ivanchuk-Harikrishna, FIDE World Championship 2004; Carlsen-Anand, Moscow 2013; Nisipeanu-Ivanchuk, FIDE World Championship 1999; and Sasikiran-Short, Skanderborg 2003 have been added.

According to the author: "Chess is really 99 percent calculation - the inner game of chess."

The Table Of Contents includes chapters on calculation, ideas, and analytical trees.

Because each game teaches a valuable lesson, I intend to use this book in coaching my students.