Friday, June 8, 2018

"Tactical Tal, Part I" by Lyudmil Tsvetkov

The author sends this e-mail.

Dear chess friends, 

Recently I wrote a book on Tal's tactics. 

You can find an article on the book, with some of the harder puzzles, missed by Tal himself, here:

Most of the puzzles are easier to solve, though, with all of them being fascinating. 

That is an essential Tal quality - to make chess fascinating. 

The book is available on as well as other Amazons, in both paperback and ebook versions. 

For people following the story with 'The Secret of Chess', below one more review by IM Gerard Welling:

I hope very much you find this information useful and not too annoying. 

That is the life of chess authors. 

Best regards,