Wednesday, October 31, 2018

PRO Chess League Qualifier for NY Marshalls

Yesterday I received this e-mail.

Dear Marshall Member:

We are pleased to announce that this Saturday, November 3rd at 11am, the Marshall Chess Club has assembled a team to attempt to qualify for the PRO Chess League!  Partnered with, and now in its 3rd season, the PRO Chess League features 32 teams of elite players from across the globe who compete in a 10 match season from January to March. 

Our qualifying team—the New York Marshalls—features club members GM Sergei Azerov, GM Tamaz Gelashvili, and NM Grant Xu, and a "free agent" player from Poland, GM Wojciech Moranda.  The match will consist of 13 rounds of blitz chess (G/3 +2) and perhaps bonus games if necessary.  Eight teams will qualify to compete in the league. 

To help popularize this exciting event, the club is debuting its brand new sixty-five inch TV to stream the games live!  We encourage you to come watch at 23 West 10th St and support our team.  But if you'd rather watch from home... the games will be broadcast and analyzed live by IM Levy Rozman on his Twitch channel,

Stay tuned for the results next week, and for exciting information regarding the upcoming World Championship Match! 

Bryan Quick 
Executive Director