Sunday, May 24, 2020

Chess Against COVID Charity Tournament
#ChessAgainstCovid, a Singapore-based charity drive which is headed by GM Kevin Goh Wei Ming and American GM Elshan Moradiabadi are glad to announce an International Friendly Match to be played between Singapore and a USA select team.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and help struggling families affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the name of charity, as well as to connect chess players of both nations with the friendly exchange of chess ideas.

Even though this is a friendly match, the Singapore selection is very rigorous, and they are fielding 4 GMs, 6 IMs and 1 WGM not to mention numerous FMs and CMs comprising top local juniors.

The match will commence at 10:15 am NYC time on Sunday, May 31.

The match will consist of two G/15 +10 games (alternating colors), played between 36 players per side:

- 2 Veterans
- 7 Male Adults, 3 Female Adults
- 5 U20 Boys, 3 U20 Girls
- 5 U15 Boys, 3 U15 Girls
- 5 U12 Boys, 3 U12 Girls

Match points will be used to decide the winning team. has kindly offered to host the event on their excellent server!

The event will be featured with live commentary on the official Chess24 twitch channel.

If you'd like to represent the USA team, register your interest here: USA Select vs. Singapore!

Players will be contacted ASAP if they can be accommodated as part of the team.