Friday, April 2, 2010

I.S. 318 "Chess Movie"

I just received this e-mail from Katie Dellamaggiore (formerly Schulz).

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Hi, friends:

As many of you know, we are deep into shooting our first feature documentary called "Chess Movie" (working title).

This month marks our one year anniversary. Last April, we followed the I.S. 318 chess team from Brooklyn NY to the mother of all scholastic chess tournaments, the USCF Supernationals, where they placed second in the top rated section. Now, one year later, the team is headed back to the nationals and they are ready to take home first place. This is their year.

Next Wednesday, we will be meeting in front of school at 3am (ouch) to board a bus to Newark Airport with over fifty kids. For some, this is their first trip on a plane, outside Brooklyn, away from their parents - you name the adolescent drama and it's happening.

Please consider joining us on this trip. Well, not literally - but in spirit. And not just in some hippy dippy way but in a "we need some hard cash to get this film made" kind of way.

Log onto our Kickstarter fundraising site and watch our five minute teaser. If you think it's a good story, then consider donating $5 or $25. By donating even $1, you become a backer and you become a part of making this movie.

Here is the link:

Take a peek and let us know what you think.


Katie Dellamaggiore
"CHESS MOVIE" (working title)