Friday, July 18, 2014

Washington Square Hustlers at Marshall CC

Just a few short blocks from the historic Marshall Chess Club, a very different chess scene exists in Washington Square Park.  There a number of chess entrepreneurs play blitz with regular "customers" and tourists.  Money frequently changes hands and the rules of chess are somewhat less strictly followed than at the Marshall Chess Club. 

On Tuesday, July 22nd at 7 pm, Washington Square Park chess will come to the Marshall Chess Club for what promises to be a very special and entertaining evening.  Five of New York's most interesting and prominent "hustlers" will talk about their lives, at and away from the chess boards, and answer questions.  Following the discussion, J.P. Morgan, Omar, Boca, Joe, and Cornbread will take on all challengers for no-money blitz games. 

Refreshments will be served. 

Marshall Chess Club
23 West 10th Street 
New York, NY 10011 
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