Monday, September 15, 2014

"Newark Star-Ledger" Chess Column

Newark Star-Ledger chess columnist Pete Tamburro e-mails, as follows.

To friends of chess in NJ, 

If you bought the Star-Ledger this morning, you will see that Steve and I have been replaced by the syndicated "Chess" column by Shelby Lyman. If you want NJ chess news to appear in the newspaper again, it would be a big help if you wrote to the editor/publisher and the letter to the editor page about this. Some of you have had your games published or your kids' games published or just like to read state chess news. If you have a personal reference, please mention it. Form letters don't work. Please encourage your chess friends to write. 



The respective e-mails:

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Could the decision by the Star-Ledger be an overreaction to the Thomas Elberling tragedy, which has attracted international attention?

A special fund has been set up to preserve the memory of this talented 11-year-old.