Monday, February 29, 2016

Clocks Management

The saga of the Seniors prize at the USATE 2016 keeps getting curiouser and curiouser!

At first, the category prize was awarded erroneously to the team Vassar-Chadwick A Train. They received four digital clocks by mail last week.

The next day, Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club president Craig Fisher shipped the clocks to John Hagerty, president of the West Orange Chess Club, sponsors of the real Seniors prize winners West Orange Krush.

Meanwhile, unknown to Fisher and Hagerty, the NJSCF was mailing four other digital clocks plus the Seniors prize plaque to Ken Ganning, treasurer of the West Orange Chess Club.

In an e-mail, Steve Doyle explains that the first batch of four digital clocks was sent to Vassar-Chadwick A Train "as a courtesy because they were second and listed for a few days."

Now John Hagerty will ship the first batch of clocks back to Craig Fisher.  Will the NJSCF reimburse the shipping costs?

Stay tuned!