Wednesday, February 24, 2016

E-mail from Vassar-Chadwick CC President

Today I received this e-mail from Dr. Craig Fisher [pictured].

Dear Jim, 

We are so sorry that USATE tournament organizers announced we won the seniors prize. 

Ernie Johnson , our team Captain, sent 2 emails to Steve Doyle telling him that we did not win the prize ... we weren't even eligible for it!!  We have one player under 50 this year!!! 

However we never received a plaque, and never received anything.  Only saw the early announcement that we won.  If we receive any prize we would be more than happy to forward to you! 

CONGRATULATIONS on your 4.5 score and your win of the senior prize!! 

Blessings on you, your team and your club, 

Craig, President, Vassar-Chadwick Chess Club