Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Newark Star-Ledger" Column; Hamilton Quads

Like John Moldovan of The Chess Coroner, I buy the Newark Star-Ledger on Sundays for its weekly chess column by Steve Doyle and Peter Tamburro. Twice in the last month, the "ChessMate" column has been omitted with a note that it will return next week.

Moldovan has sent an e-mail to the newspaper, complaining about the chess column's absence. Judging by the response of the assistant managing editor Enrique Lavin, hardly anyone else complained. Here is Lavin's e-mail address:

Speaking of e-mails, Atomic Patzer has sent me one, advising that this Saturday's quads in Hamilton have been cancelled because the township needs the tables for one of their events. You might want to contact TD Ed Sytnik at his cell phone number 609-351-2437 before driving to Hamilton on October 24th.