Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Brooklyn Castle" Funded Successfully

Hi, backers:

Thank you all so much for supporting Brooklyn Castle! We reached our goal yesterday afternoon just in time for our 11pm deadline. The last 60 days have been exciting, suspenseful, surprising, and insightful -- pretty much an encapsulated version of the last 3 years of making this movie!

The climax came yesterday morning when we received an e-mail from Elliott Neff who runs Chess4Life. He was so moved by the project that he and his brother Raphael, owner of The Chess House, pledged $5,000, taking us over the finish line just in time. Elliott and Raphael have a passion and love for chess and believe deeply in the potential chess has to change kids' lives. We look forward to working with Elliott and Raphael on partnership ideas for our screening campaign.

We also just received an inquiry e-mail from a board member of Change for Kids, a non-profit organization that "believes every student deserves a quality education, and every school needs the proper resources to deliver it." Change for Kids also wants to talk to us about ways we might be able to work together -- another great potential education partner for our campaign.

A film's fundraising campaign is, of course, about raising the money; but it's also about something just as important -- reaching out to all of you and building our audience, finding new partners, and discovering how Brooklyn Castle can have an impact out in the world.

Tomorrow we head back into the edit to put the finishing touches on our Tribeca Film Festival submission, and we are energized and inspired to get to work finishing the best movie possible.

Thanks, you guys!! We will keep you posted on our progress over the next few months.

And please keep in touch with us at info@brooklyncastle.com.

Happy New Year!

Katie, Nelson, and Brian